Arcade Latour offers us a colorful and intriguing work created by means of this ancestral matter that is the ink. Fascinated by the intensity of the colors and the density of the texture of the printing inks, Latour’s mission is to control its application as soon as he has discovered the possibilities, at the dawn of his adolescence. As a well-known artist, Arcade Latour puts on the canvas a universe of shapes and colors. First perceived as a complete and captivating ensemble, his paintings quickly reveal a number of splashes and details that are just as fascinating.

Arcade Latour fell in love with inks when he was little. Indeed, it is in the rubbish of a neighborhood printing that the little boy has discovered this magical material with brilliant colors and thick texture and malleable. It is on cardboards brought back by his father of the haberdashery where he worked that the little Latour began to manipulate these inks. He was immediately fascinated by the wonderful shapes and colors that came to life under his already skillful fingers. It is at this time that the inks entered the life of Arcade Latour never to emerge.

Arcade Latour has worked all his life in the field of creation. Graphic art, design and publications have made Latour never far from the smell of inks.

In search of a serious supplier for the production of his works, Latour knocked naturally at the door of the company Hostmann-Steinberg which manufactures printing inks. Chemistry moved immediately between him and Michel Aubry, general manager for Eastern Canada. The latter, amateur of art, was immediately enchanted by the works of the artist.

Hostmann Steinbert is recognized for the high quality of its products and by the fact that it is present all over the world.

Concerned about the environment, the Montreal plant has been developing for several years an ink recovery program and it is from these inks that Arcade gets its supplies to create its works.