Petras Lukosius was born on May 28th, 1956.  He has two sons: Laurynas (born 1983) an architect in Norway and Paulius (born 1992) a student of aviation engineering in Australia.

     Petras Lukosius Studies include the following: Children’s Art School of Klaipeda 1970-1971, Art School of Telsiai 1971-1975, and Vilnius Art Academy in Klaipeda’s filial 1975-1979.

     Now it is possible to find P. Lukosius art work all over the World.  His unique style is so easily distinguished.  He exactly connects natural phenomena like Light, water, and vegetation while painting forests, seas, architecture, and other scenes.  Rays of Light are erupting from the deepness of the forests, bottom of oceans, and arches of old towns.  Petras is looking for the secret of light and is trying to unbridle its code.

     Petras has a Private Pilot License (PPL), an inspiration which he gains for his work while flying with a double seated plane “Pipe Tomahawk” above the Baltic Sea and beautiful Curorian Spit (Kursiu Nerija).  He is enjoying the beauty of evening secret colors and striking down rays of the sun.  Also, he is able by sailing his sportsmanship yacht “Flying Fifteen” to directly touch wind and water elements that reflect in his art works of marine themes.

     Petras has taken part in national exhibitions since 1971 and in international exhibitions since 1982.  He held exhibitions in Vilnius and Klaipeda (Lithuania, 1997), Berlin and Hamburg (Germany, 1992), Stckholm (Sweden, 1992, 2003), Barcelona and Valladolid (Spain, 1993), Bremen (Germany, 1994, 2006), Bona (Germany, 1996), Cambridge (Great Britain, 1998), Kaunas (Lithuania, 1999), Klaipeda (Lithuania, 2000), Hamburg (Germany, 2001), Hanover (Germany, 2002), Chicago (JAV, 2004, 2012), Sankt Petersburg (Russia, 2004), London (Great Britain, 2005), Drammen (Norway 2005, 2006, 2011), Oslo (Norway, 2005), Liepaja (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania, 2006), Klaipeda and Vilnius (Lithuania, 2006-2013)