Ellen Supple has a love of art and design. Her secret passion was always to be an architect, most likely because she was exposed to design early in life as her parents were both engineers and draftsmen. In school, she experimented with different art classes and photography.

She is still an avid photographer and loves working in the darkroom.

She traveled the world as a flight attendant and have always loved the beach and ocean. On one of her beach adventures, she discovered glass and resin art. she fell in love and instantly knew this was the creative expression she had been looking for.  The rest they say is history.

She hopes that her art gives everyone the same “awe” feeling she has when she puts my toes in the sand and breathes that salt air. Without a doubt her love of water, the outdoors and animals are her inspiration. Working with glass allows her to create art that is multidimensional. She uses glass of all kinds and sometimes spends hours breaking glass objects, looking for a challenge. Each piece of art is one of a kind.