Annette Crosby’s work creates visual interest by using texture and subtle variations in shape and color. When beginning a piece, she textures the canvas or paper and creates marks and lines with both paint and marking tools. She uses gestural lines in her work to create active, energetic designs and organic shapes. Design and colors allow new and unexplored options in her paintings which are layered.  From an aerial vantage point, the surface is manipulated by explorations of successive painting and drawing Annette completes her works by using hand-stained and hand-painted papers, along with other surprising pieces of her palette. Her works exhibit a degree of complexity in a unique yet ethereal manner. While most of her artwork has no recognizable objects, it still invokes an expressive quality. Annette creates visual form that feel strikingly familiar through unexpected textures and diverse palettes.

From a very early age, she has been fascinated by and interested in art. The early mentoring she received from her high school art teacher encouraged her to pursue the development of her artistic talents in both undergraduate and graduate art education studies. After earning a BFA in art education from Valdosta State University, she completed my MED in Elementary education. Following graduate school, she was employed as an art educator at Valdosta Middle School in 1977. As her family grew, she concentrated on raising her children while still volunteering art instruction in the public schools. She began painting as an extension of her developing talent in photography. Now, painting is her primary passion.

She has enjoyed widespread recognition for her paintings with awards in juried completions in local, state, and national shows, as well as being a juried member of the Glynn Art Association (GA), and published in the Palette Magazine. She has had has several shows in Valdosta, Moultrie, Bainbridge, and a solo show in the contemporary gallery of the Albany Museum of Art.