A Masterlist of Our Artists

We specialize in representing both regional artists from the U.S. and international artists from 15 different countries.

Valentino Bustos

With a variety of styles ranging from bold, colorful landscape scenes to dreamy, fluid abstracts, Val Bustos continues to evolve as a painter.

Greg Creason

Originally from Flint, Michigan and now calling New Orleans home, Greg Creason paints intricate portraits of stylish ladies embellished by vibrant and uniquely hand-blown glass.

Veronika Benoni

Inspired by the delightful streets and beautiful architecture of Old Prague, Veronika Benoni began painting pictures strongly influenced by the city.


Trained in the Impressionist vein, the majority of Gantner's paintings are set in the beautiful landscape of southern Italy.

Jackie Ellens

Ellens often paints trees finding them to be metaphors for life. She takes inspiration from nature, focusing on the way light reflects in mist and water.

Johnny Palacios Hidalgo

From Peru, Palacios Hidalgo creates unusual surrealist artwork rife with symbolism and inspired by his dreams.