Valentino Bustos was inspired to pursue a career in art as a young child. From his original home in Southern California, his creativity was sparked by the colors and textures of nature. His early talent did not go unnoticed, and he received a scholarship to study at the prestigious Art Center School of Design in Southern California.

He began his professional journey in 1970 and has been successfully providing beautiful art for the Interior Design field since then. He also accepts private commissions and has many loyal collectors of his work.

“My work begins with subtle applications of texture and metallic foils. Layers upon layers of color and water follow. As runs and drips are allowed to glide over the canvas, I start to see form. From there, it is all about the separation of background from foreground to complete the final vision.”

With a variety of styles ranging from bold, colorful landscape scenes to dreamy, fluid abstracts, Val continues to evolve. In addition to his painting, Val is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. The love of both mediums has inspired his most recent collection. The musical influence can be felt in the paintings and adds a new dimension to Val’s process.

In 2011 Val and his wife Ellen, his biggest fan, moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where art continues to fill their lives and their home. Drawing from the natural beauty and splendor of North Carolina, Val continues to translate that beauty to his art, and continues to uncover new sources of inspiration.

“In 2018, I wondered what would happen if I brought together my art with songs that I have written throughout my adult life. A different meaning arose in the process of painting – a story; a purpose; a canvas that speaks and sings, acknowledging the places I’ve been and the life I have experienced.”