is an acrylic artist who is known for her Impasto Style. The artist lives in the Rose Capital of the world, Tyler Texas, which drives her unique style. She paints with vibrant color palettes infused with heavy brushstrokes. Her work is often referred to by collectors as “Happy Art” or “Art for the Senses.”

Florals, landscapes, abstracts and nature are the focal point of her pieces. The artist paints in detail and uses many layers to achieve a multi-dimensional effect. Viewers want to touch the canvas and feel the texture. She encourages it and loves for people to immerse themselves!

Christie has always been surrounded by beautiful trees, forests, flowers and animals by living her life in the South. She is a graduate of Texas Tech University where she studied Merchandising and Design. Inspired by rich textiles, color and form she put brush to canvas and started to develop her signature style.

Christie has received many awards for her artwork including the Queens Choice for the Rose Festival, 2nd place Peoples Choice for the Rose Festival, 2nd place Peoples Choice for Blooms Art Show and 1st place Professional Abstract Art in Tyler, Texas. Her work has appeared in many juried art shows in Texas and Alabama, some of which she was a featured artist. Her work can be found in restaurants, museums, boutiques, galleries, hospitals, business and collectors homes throughout the US and China.

Christie is active in the art community. She is a Board Member of the Palette of Roses Art League serving as Publicity Chair and Scholarship Advisor.


I worked for 5 years to develop the perfect formula to create the plastic-like paint that looks like icing. When I first started, I used tile compound and mixed it with paint to create the 3D effect. When the paint dried it did give the 3D effect but it cracked and looked powdery. I then added resin to the mix. It would look better then yellow.

When I start a piece, I decide whether it will be Impasto or Flat. If I decide it will be an Impasto piece, I decide if I will use pieces that I design off or on the canvas. Designing on the canvas means I use brushes, palette knives, spoons, or other devices to apply the heavy bodied paint straight to the canvas. If I design off the canvas, I use cake decorating techniques. I will pipe it onto parchment paper where it will dry. The next day it will be dry enough for me to apply it to the canvas. Sometimes I mix the styles. It is so gratifying to develop something different in the art world. I love it when people ask to touch it and they are surprised when I say yes! 

I now have found the perfect mix. I love to create these paintings. People tell me it makes them feel happy! Art makes you feel and think. I am glad my art makes people feel good! 

My pieces are usually covered by Gamvar varnish in gloss or matte finishes or resin. This depends on the look I am trying to achieve. Sculptural Art can be dusted off with a duster or cleaning cloth. You could use a damp cloth to even go over the surface. It is durable!