A native of Montgomery, Amber Ivey Lane began taking art classes as a child. Always an entrepreneur, as a child she used to host art camps for the other children in her neighborhood, for a small instructional fee. Her love of art and persistence with lessons carried on into high school and college.

While in college, Amber began a file of ideas and subjects she wanted to paint. After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in public relations and marketing, she began a career in marketing and pharmaceutical sales. In the mid-90s, Amber’s passion for art was reignited and she began taking painting classes again at night. By 1999, she was working with decorators to paint murals, and received commissions from all over the Southeast.

In the early 2000s, Amber got serious about bringing her art to canvas, and began working with area decorators to place her art in retail shops. She consistently took commissions, with some of her most requested art works being crosses and angels. She also is known for her series of art works, “I Love…,” where she featured different cities such as Mobile, New Orleans and New York. Amber’s hand-painted ornaments for Christmas, Easter and Mardi Gras, were popular from year to year.

Amber was very active in the Junior League of Mobile where she enjoyed working in placements that allowed her to share her artistic talents including the YADA (Young Artists Developing Aspirations) House for aspiring young artists and the Gulf Coast Exploreum teaching art to children as her placement. Her in the Junior League led her to begin hosting art camps for neighbors and friends, which in turn gave her more exposure and inspired her to open her own art studio. She later worked as an elementary art teacher.

Over the years, Amber’s style has evolved from detailed acrylic art works to impressionistic portraiture of children and animals. Her work in portraitures led to the style that has established her today as an artist and where she has found her preferred medium in abstract palette works.

Amber was commissioned by the Montgomery Area Fine Arts Director to be a featured artist in the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce’s small business development center where her art is displayed today. She was also nominated for the Montgomery Area Artist of the Year for 2014.

Amber has two children, Ann Ivey and Bay, who also love art and have grown up with their mom inspiring their imaginations.