Taras Loboda was born in Ivanofrankivsk, Ukraine on May 4, 1961. Born into a family where his father was an established artist was bound to influence his development. Was Loboda’s desire to produce art a result of his father’s influence or a genetic necessity, he does not know. He is adamant, however, that it was his love for art that started him painting at the age of three. The Communist regime soon recognized and encouraged the development of his aptitude. At the age of 11 he was placed in State art school. Upon completion of his technical formation his aptitude was elevated to talent and he was encouraged to continue his artistic development.

In 1979 he landed a one-year apprenticeship with the academic artist Zareckij. That same year he was accepted and enrolled at the Kiev Art Academy where for the next six years he would refine his technical and theoretical knowledge of painting. Who is his favorite artist? Valasquez. Did the work of Valasquez influence his development? He admits maybe, just a little. However, he claims that beautiful women are his most important developmental influence and quick examination of his work confirms this. Loboda won the 1st prize at the 1991 Bienale Impreza in Ivanofrankivsk, Ukraine; however, in general, he does not participate in competitions and exhibitions. This does not prevent his work from being housed in many private collections throughout the world.